In 1873, J.F Listing created the word "Geoid" to define the concept of "Mathematical Representation of the Earth" in geodesy. It represents the endless exploration of the earth and the universe, and is the crystallization of human outside exploration.

 Exploration never ends, Geoidsports is a brand founded by a group of geeks who advocate continuous exploration.

Geoidsports is committed to applying cutting-edge technology to products to help athletes and cyclists obtain more professional cycling equipment and build the ability of exploration.

At the same time, Geoidsports helps riders better to understand the movement state and physical changes during cycling, and inspire the courage of internal exploration and self-transcendence.  

The advent of Geoidsports products has opened a new milepost of exploration for cyclists. Integrates the power of science and technology, the passion of cycling and the courage of exploration, making every cycling experience beyond imagination.  

All for riders, all for cycling. Join us to enjoy the cycling and know all about Geoidsports.