Shipping Policy

1.The default shipping will be changed in different market. If you have special requirements of shipping, please contact the seller where you purchased the product(s).
Shipping includes: FEDEX, DHL, UPS,TNT, FBA warehouse local delivery, EUB.

2. Cargoes with batteries can not be transported in certain areas and batteries have to be removed,GEOID (Qingdao GEOID Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd) will share this information by email.

3. Customs clearance cost, duties, VAT will be paid by the yourself if there is.

4. GEOID will deliver cargoes within 7days after receipt of the payment, if GEOID can not ship out quickly, GEOID will contact you and notice about it.

When the laws and regulations of the region where the buyers are located have dmandatory requirements for shipping policy, GEOID agrees to apply these requirements.