Warranty Policy

Product Warranty Promise:

Geoidsports provides a warranty of 365 days for product main body and 90 days for wearable parts. Where there is a separate agreement on the product, the agreement shall prevail.

The warranty start data is determined as follows:

1) Date of a sales invoice with a serial number (SN) of product or a sales order of officially authorized e-commerce firms

2) Product activation start data

3) If the above certificates cannot be provided, the warranty starts from the 180th day after the Ex-factory data.

The following situations are not covered by the free repair or replacement warranty:

1) The product is out of warranty period.

2) Any damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading.

3) Any damage caused by unauthorized repairs, alterations and modifications.

4) Any fault or damage caused by failure to install, use, repair and storage as per the instructions.

5) The content on the valid proof of purchase does not match the labels on the product or has been altered.

6) The product nameplate, SN bar code and anti-disassembly label are torn off or damaged, blurred and unrecognizable.

7) Any damage caused by unexpected factors or human factors. For example, liquid inlet, falling damage, improper voltage input, excessive extrusion, and motherboard deformation. As for the power adapter, there is obvious damage caused by hard objects, cracks, broken feet, severe deformation, power cord damage, broken wires, bare core and other phenomena.

8) Any fault or damage caused by force majeure factor. (such as fire, earthquake, and flood).

9) The product is beyond the authorized distribution area.